Poster Abstracts

Contributions by Fraunhofer IWS

Madlen Borkmann

The role of gas flow in laser cutting with dynamic beam oscillation

Reza Kaboli

Numerical simulation of large DED structures

Nicolay Labanda

AI-based prediction of surface roughness to enhance anti-reflective space components fabricated by Direct Laser Interference Patterning

Hannes Lauer

BioGrip: Fin Ray gripper with integrated sensor technology through combination of 3D and functional printing

Jacob-Florian Mätje

In-situ Crack detection during Laser Direct Energy Deposition using acoustic spectral analysis

Dr. Stefan Makowski

Surface acoustic wave spectroscopy as a new tool for quality control and research of additively manufactured materials

Michael Müller

Induction assisted laser-based directed energy deposition of NiAl-Cr alloys by in-situ powder mixing: microstructure and defect formation

Kalyani Nitin Saner

Study of Sintering Behaviour and Material Characterization of CoCrMo parts manufactured by Binder Jetting

Irina Shakhverdova

Investigation of in-situ alloying of cobalt-free compositional complex alloys by means of laser metal deposition

Filofteia-Laura Toma

Laser thermal processing and vitrification of enamels coatings manufactured by thermal spraying

Aldo Veliu

Laser surface processing enables lightweight and additive-free hybrid material structures with high bond strength