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Image Video: Laser Symposium & ISAM 2023

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Laser Symposium & ISAM in Media


Press Release / 21.6.2023

Focus on Added Industrial Value through Light

Combined Conference Unites Science and Industry in Dresden End of November

Press Releases and News


Press Release / 27.10.2023

Fraunhofer IWS Installs Europe’s Unique Industrial 3D Printer

“SpreeTec next”: Powder Bed-Based Additive Laser Manufacturing System


Press Release / 1.6.2023

Optimizing Production Processes through Modularization

Fraunhofer IWS at Laser World of Photonics


Press Release / 3.4.2023

Lasers Join Lightweight Sandwich Structures

Fraunhofer at Hannover Messe 2023


Press Release / 30.3.2023

Visiting Scientist from Kiev at Fraunhofer IWS Thanks to Future Foundation


Press Release / 14.3.2023

Sharp Hyperspectral Eye for Chip Production

“DIVE imaging systems” Spins off from Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden


Press Release / 1.12.2022

New Fraunhofer safety technology reduces transportation accidents

Safety in warehouse logistics


Press Release / 21.9.2022

Sandblasting with Light

Fraunhofer IWS developed a laser technology to clean and structure surfaces particularly quickly while protecting the environment.


Press Release / 13.9.2022

Starting Signal for the Hydrogen Age in Freight Mobility

H2GO – National Fuel Cell Production Action Plan


News / 11.8.2022

Simulations for 2D Laser Hardening

2D scan technology for laser hardening of complex shapes


News / 28.7.2022

Better Batteries Thanks to DLIP on New Roll-to-roll System

Lightning-fast structures for current conducting foils


Press Release / 7.4.2022

HICLAD® Enables Resilient Laser Cladding with High-power Laser

Efficient, fast and sustainable coatings for industrial components


Press Release / 16.3.2022

Joining with Solid-state Lasers Set to Revolutionize Steel Construction

Fraunhofer at the Hannover Messe: Preview 2022


Press Release / 10.2.2022

New Light Source: A Million Times Brighter than the Sun

Quality control in the semiconductor industry and microbiology


News / 18.8.2021

Simulation and Manufacturing Working Closely Together

Numerical simulation and calculation for developing structurally relevant products


Press Release / 21.7.2021

Flexible Fiber Laser for Rapid Material Processing

Fraunhofer IWS evaluates thousand times faster beam shaping


News / 27.7.2021

Laser Welding Paves the Way for Steel Construction Revolution

Vive la steel construction revolution – faster, better, cheaper steel welding


Press Release / 18.5.2021

“Fusion Bionic“ Lasers Lotus Effects

Fraunhofer IWS Dresden spins off lasertech company


Press Release / 1.4.2021

Optimized Joining Technology Opens Door to Safe Hydrogen Use in Aerospace Industry


News / 24.3.2021

Non-destructive Coating Analysis on Brake Discs with LAwave® Technology

Non-destructive measurement within seconds


Press Release / 22.3.2021

Additively Manufactured Rocket Engine Features an Aerospike Nozzle for Microlaunchers


News / 17.3.2021

Innovations in Hybrid Manufacturing for Aerospace

Development of a new demonstrator with lower starting materiel volume