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Conference hall in the International Congress Center Dresden
© Fraunhofer IWS Dresden / Frank Höhler

Conference hall in the International Congress Center Dresden

International Congress Center Dresden
© Frank Exß, Dresden Marketing GmbH

International Congress Center Dresden

Dresden Silhouette
© Sylvio Dittrich, Dresden Marketing GmbH

Dresden Silhouette

MARITIM Hotel is situated on the bank of the river Elbe. It's about 5 minutes walking distance from Semper Opera House.

Dresden is a 500,000 people city on the banks of the river Elbe. It is not only the most dynamic city in Germany but also has a most promising future (ISNM city ranking, Prognos Future Atlas). This success is based on a great variety of industries with particular competencies in the future-oriented sectors of Nanotechnology, Microelectronics and Life Sciences / Biotechnology. Three universities and various institutes of higher education produce a vast pool of qualified staff. Numerous scientific institutes and functioning regional and international networks create a productive research climate for state-of-the-art solutions.

There is no larger city in Germany, where the percentage of scientists among its habitants is so high as in Dresden. The University of Technology Dresden and the large scientific research institutes of Fraunhofer, Max-Planck, Leibniz and Helmholtz Association formed a unique alliance - the so called DRESDEN-concept - to agree on and to follow common research strategies and future concepts, to use the same infrastructure and to enhance together the education of students.

But Dresden is also one of the most charming places in Europe. It offers attractions in great variety. The Dresden Zwinger, Frauenkirche Church, Semper Opera House and Royal Palace as well as many other historical  monuments and ensembles dominate the image of the city. The saucy angels from Raphael's "The Sistine Madonna" make publicity for Dresden's art collections in the whole world. The Historical Green Vault, the treasure chamber of the Saxon electors and kings, only reopened in 2006, shows magnificent artworks of gold, silver, precious gems, enamel, ivory, bronze and amber in an intensity unparalleled to date. Grand promenades on the bank of the Elbe, impressive museums, industrial monuments, charming details - Dresden has a lot to discover.

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