Reliable & flexible laser processes – measuring, operating, controlling

Laser beam hardening and laser cladding are well established in industry being sophisticated technologies for surface treatment and parts repair. Fraunhofer IWS delivered remarkable inputs for their implementation and accompanies prospective users during the setting-up of those technologies.

Laser cladding and additive manufacturing

Laser technology coating procedures occupy a key position in modern manufacturing and maintenance processes in the aeronautic industry, in energy generation, as well as in mould and tool construction.


Innovative joining technologies – clustered know-how in Dresden

Dresden represents a unique cluster of know-how in the field of joining and welding. Besides thermal procedures like laser beam welding and arc welding, joining processes such as friction stir welding, magnetic pulse welding, mechanical joining, adhesive bonding and hybrid technologies are of particular interest.

Highlights - Fraunhofer IWS

The Fraunhofer IWS has implemented a variety of developments throughout various fields into industrial series production. We would like to introduce the most important innovations in this brochure.

Special: Fiber laser

Special supplement of the magazine Laser + Produktion 2008